Owners: Alesia Dixon
Location: 1006 Muskogee
Cantonment, FL

There have been several complaints regarding Ms. Alesia Dixon at RareBulldog.com located in Cantonment, Florida. It has also been brought to our attention that she has an active partner located in California. Both are currently under investigation and have pending lawsuits against them as well as potential criminal charges from allegations of animal abuse to theft. As we receive hard factual proof we will share that here on our page for our viewers so they can make their own mind up about whether to do business with Alesia Dixon at RareBulldogs.com or not.


Inspection Report 1 | Inspection Report 2

Clicking the above links will direct you to some animal inspection reports done at Ms. Alesia Dixons at RareBulldogs.com residence that are now a matter of public record. NOTE: At Ms. Dixon-RareBulldogs home there were 57 English Bulldogs being housed along with herself and whomever she resides with her in a single wide mobile/trailer home.One of the contributors to this site states the "the kennel" for some of the dogs is a small storage shed behind the trailer and can be seen in the third photo. We at Bad Breeders also noted from both the first and second follow up report dated 02-28-2014, that MANY of the puppies were sick and SEVERAL of the adult dogs have eye and skin issues. She is also NOT in compliance with state and federal laws pertaining to being a licensed breeder within her county and state. RareBulldog.com-Alesia Dixon was also given citations for NOT immunizing MANY of the adult animals at the Florida location as well. Many of the ones NOT immunized are her high dollar (sires and dams that she sells the pups off of, at $35,000 per pup). She also states to the inspecting officer that she requires buyers to sign away their rights under the Florida Puppy Lemon Law, (what ethical breeder would do this).!! Our summation at this point concerning RareBulldogs.com-Alesia Dixon is nothing more than a PUPPY MILL that is not concerned about the health and welfare of the animals they are breeding and selling. If you do not start with healthy parents, you can't possibly expect to have healthy puppies thus the reason the inspecting officer noted that MANY OF THE PUPPIES WERE SICK upon their inspection. As a side note: The records of inspection on her partner on the California residence have not been released to the public yet. Stay tuned for forthcoming public records on this particular incidence and many others as they are released.


rarebulldogs.com trailer 1


rarebulldogs.com trailer 2


rarebulldogs.com trailer 3

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